Healthy Eats

April 12, 2016
Lucy Lockett

The thing about being foodies is that we literally always want to eat something (FOOD IS AMAZING), which is why we rely on healthy eats now and again (and a very used gym membership!). In this list you’ll find some great healthy options for those days you want something light, tasty AND filling!


Zoodles – pumpkin, basil, chilli, feta & poached eggs 

Don’t know what Zoodles are? Don’t worry, we’re here to fill you in. Zoodles are noodles that are made from zucchini, incredible right? So it’s like you’re eating pasta (but you’re not) that’s low in calories, fat and is TOTALLY GOOD FOR YOU! This dish is fantastic and for those interested is Vegan AND Gluten Free

Address: 26A Cotham Rd, Kew

Serotonin Eatery

Nutrition Bomb – Big Rainbow Bomb, poached eggs, broccoli, alkalising greens, sprouts, house made hummus, cold roasted veggies, nuts, seeds + pickled powerkraut 

The name of this dish just makes us excited and the fact of the matter is Serotonin SERIOUSLY nail their food. This dish is going to make you so happy on the inside that you’ll be talking about it for weeks, trust us. The vegetables, house made hummus, pickled powerkraut (love the name change there) and poached egg goodness are SO INCREDIBLE! Get amongst it!

Address: 52 Madden Grove, Burnley

Lucy Lockett

Breakfast Salad – Falafel, sauteed greens, cashew butter, beetroot & pickled carrots ADD poached eggs & avocado 

Fun fact? Lucky Lockett serve breakfast till 2:30pm so this means you can rock up late and still get hit with the tastiness. We’re forever ordering the Breakfast Salad here because it’s SO DAMN GOOD and let’s be honest, we really can’t go past an amazing b’fast salad when there is options to ADD things. We recommend definitely adding poached eggs and avocado. Why? Because poached eggs are the bomb and avocado is SO good for you! Get it in ya!

Address: 140 Barkly St, Brunswick

The Beatt Cafe

Ben & Breakfast Salad – Kale, quinoa, Meredith goats feta, mint, chilli, broccoli, avo mixed organic nuts + poached eggs

This café has to be one of the most underrated hot spots in the suburbs of Melbourne, Armadale to be exact. Whilst not boasting a high tech website (currently) unlike most competitors in the neighborhood, their menu, coffee and service will certainly make you a regular. We can’t go past their Ben & Breakfast Salad (description above) that features all the right tastes and ticks all the boxes. It’s creamy, crunchy and downright AMAZE. Make sure you add this onto your to do list, you will not regret it!

Address: 24 Beatty Ave, Armadale


Organic Acai Bowl – Antioxidant loaded acai blend w/ banana, blueberries, medjool dates, house made nut mylk – topped w/ crispy coconut flakes, activated caramelised buckinis, banana, apple, cranberries & strawberries

Acai bowls are literally one of the prettiest dishes we are seeing right now. The colour pops, textures, flavours and styles are endless and we cannot get enough of them. The Organic Acai Bowl on offer from Combi is a MUST try if you’re keen on venturing into the world of Acai. Not only is it visually stunning but it’s utterly delicious. You will be extremely disappointed when you take your last spoonful!

Address: 140 Ormond Rd, Elwood

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