The Jolly Miller – Brimbank

If you haven’t heard of The Jolly Miller, you will from now on with stores opening up all over Melbourne. Taking inner city cafes to the suburbs – this family-run business has nine cafes with…
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Never miss a beat at Dawson. Kew’s latest hot spot that will have you covered from breakfast through to dinner.…
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‘If you’re going to do anything with food and drink you should do it in Melbourne’ – that’s exactly what the owner of Abacus says. This is their first Melbourne venture and their new Melbourne…
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Archie’s All Day

Owners Anthony Brem (Bluebird Espresso) and chef Nick Sawle were excited to find the rare, bluestone building. The laid back vibe with a turntable and courtyard out back. Just like the name – that this is…
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Miss Ruben

Stepping in to Miss Ruben’s Canteen, you’d be surprised to know this building originally hosted a bank.   With gorgeous brass and exposed iron railings, this venue is chic, welcoming with an art-deco feel that immediately brings…
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Situated at the banks of the Yarra in the gorgeous Federation Wharf vaults (literally underneath Federation Square) this venue serves up delicious food and drinks from morning through till the late hours of the night.…
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