August 16, 2017



Mon – Fri: 7:00am – 4:00pm

Sat – Sun: 8:00am – 4:00pm


214 Union Road, Ascot Vale

This once pet shop in the heart of Union Road, Ascot Vale has been transformed into a modern, healthy café by Diana & Domenic Caruso, the couple behind the well known St. Rose in Essendon.


This is their third café which was driven by lack of healthy food, incredible coffee in the area, and a place to enjoy with their young family. So, they fixed it, quality local produce, 5 Senses coffee and a seasonal menu!


No.19 pays homage to St. Rose and their family in many ways. St. Rose’s address is 19 Rose Street, Diana & Domenic second son’s birthday is the 19th… and if that wasn’t enough it is also the day the couple first met!

The mind blowing menu offers options to vegans and food intolerances. Don’t worry, if you have a naughty sweet tooth these guys have you covered!


We suggest the

‘Chilli Scramble’ Persian feta, broccoli, spring onion on flatbread

‘Winter Mushrooms’ crispy cauliflower, bacon, Dijon creme, poached egg on toast

‘Nutella Pancake Sandwich’ peanut butter parfait, honeycomb, dulce de leche, burnt white chocolate crab, maple walnuts and meringue – ADD Nutella Sauce!

‘Acai Bowl’ organic crumble, banana, peanut butter and seasonal fruit


Make sure you pay close attention to the interiors – No.19 have teamed up with Biasol Design Studio to create the interiors. Biasol has won international design awards for previous designs such as Kitty Burns.


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