The Bagel Obsession

January 20, 2016

We are so glad to see Bagels making their way into the hands and mouths of Melbournians because they truly are one of the best things on the planet (not even exaggerating). They’re doughy, easy to hold and you can have them in so many different ways. Toasted, fresh, with cream cheese, sandwich style and more. Whilst many of you will be familiar with bagels as an American food staple, the establishments below are making it a must have trending item for us all!


Schmucks Bagel

These kids are the new ‘schmucks’ on the block (see what we did there?). Tucked comfortably within the busy Melbourne CBD, this is not your average bagel joint. With the hospitality pro’s behind catering group Tommy Collins, (sold establishments) Hawk & Hunter, The Little Ox and Little Collins, Schmucks is going to make an impression. If you’re venturing here for breakfast and are a Aussie through and through, we recommend the Vegemite bagel (because #straya), it’s bloody bonza!

Address: The William, Guests Lane, Rear of 199 Williams Street, Melbourne


5 & Dime

Kicking it NYC style, 5 & Dime bagels are right out of the U S of A. Boiled bagels done brilliantly! Tucked down Kathryn Lane in Melbourne CBD, this little hole in the wall establishment knows how to rock a bagel. With cream cheese flavors ranging from maple bacon chipotle, chocolate hazelnut and seasonal fruit right through to their bagel selection of plain, salted, sesame, rye and the MBD popular, cinnamon and raisin. You’re certain to find something you love here! Hot tip: give their cold batch brew (Promised Land Coffee), it’s great when the hot weather hits!

Address: 16 Katherine Pl, Melbourne


Mile End Bagels

This joint hasn’t even opened and the anticipation is KILLING US. Their Instagram account (@mile_end_bagels) already has over 7k followers. Mile End Bagels promises to deliver wood-fired bagels inspired by a visit to Montreal (where the bagels are honey dipped, DROOLING ALREADY!). Be sure to add this place onto your calendar for when they open, it’s on ours and we know the wait will be worth it!

Address: 14 Johnston St, Fitzroy 

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